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BearFit Beginnings

BearFit Beginnings is a semester-long series of complimentary classes that focus on the foundational movements of the human body. Each class will have its own focus with in-depth instruction from a BearFit trainer. Register for classes on the online store under "programs."

Learn the Rig
January 24, 4 p.m.

An educational introduction on the different ways in which you can utilize the functional fitness rig in the Sumers Fitness Center to strengthen and condition your body in a safe and effective manner.

How to Squat
February 7, 4 p.m.

This class is an instructional session for the barbell back squat. Participants will learn variations and the criteria used to determine a safe and efficient squat. This session will provide guidance on how to strengthen your squat while maintaining biomechanical efficiency.

How to Deadlift
February 21, 4 p.m.

This class will provide guidance and universal principles on how to set-up and execute a proper deadlift. This session will also include different pulling variations that supplement deadlift strength.

Couch to 5k
March 1, 4 p.m.

This class is geared for those interested in participating in the intramural 5k on April 1. This session will provide coaching, cues, and analysis on running technique as well as general guidance for a multi-week 5k training cycle.

Shoulder Press Variations
April 14, 4 p.m.

This class will focus primarily on the original barbell exercise, the overhead press. Universal principals associated with the press, bench press and push press will also be instructed.

Manage your Lifts
April 18, 4 p.m.

This class will focus on how to take care of your body before, after and in-between workouts. Myofascial release and flexibility exercises will be instructed as ways to address discomfort and potentially prevent future injuries.