Wigdor Cycling Studio "The Dark Room" Wigdor Cycling Studio "The Dark Room"

The Wigdor Cycling Studio, also known as "The Dark Room," is a modern cycling studio located off the Fitness Center on Level 2 of Sumers Rec. The Dark Room houses all BearFit cycling classes in addition to WashU's PE cycling classes.

The Dark Room is outfitted with 25 Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus bikes with Carbon Blue belt drive systems. The studio also features wall-mounted monitors where riders can view their analytics during classes through a system called Performance IQ.

Adorning the walls in The Dark Room is a cycle-themed design that was conceived in conjunction with the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. The centerpiece of the design is a color-changing led-lit sign that spells out "Power Through," which pays homage to the latin motto on WashU's crest, Per Veritatem Vis or "Power Through Truth."

Cycling Class Passes
Members must have a Cycling Class Pass in order to participate in each BearFit Cycling class. Cycling Class Passes can be obtained up to 30 minutes in advance of each class at the equipment desk, and must be presented to the instructor upon entry into the studio. You must have your ID or membership card to obtain a class pass. There are only 24 passes available for each class, and passes will not be available earlier than 30 minutes prior to the start of class.

The Dark Room Gallery

A look around The Wigdor Cycling Studio, commonly known as "The Dark Room."