Access to Sumers Rec During Thurtene Carnival

Access to Sumers Rec During Thurtene Carnival

Thurtene Carnival will have an impact on pedestrian and parking access to the Sumers Recreation Center as outlined below. The Sumers Recreation Center will remain open at regular hours during Thurtene Carnival weekend.

Olympian Way 

Olympian Way was fenced off at the Forsyth Blvd. intersection starting Monday. Members can still access the Sumers Recreation Center parking lot through Tuesday, April 10, by taking Wallace Dr. and cutting across the Simon Hall parking lot.


The parking lot immediately east of the Sumers Recreation Center and the parking lot south of Simon Hall will be closed starting Wednesday, April 11 and will reopen Tuesday, April 17. All other Zone 2 parking areas will still be available during this closure. Zone 3 parking (including the Snow Way Lot, Snow Way Garage, and Millbrook Garage) will be unaffected. No permit is required to park in any yellow permit space in any zone weekdays from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. or at any time on the weekend. Members can also pay for visitor parking in the Snow Way, Millbrook, or DUC garages during enforcement hours.

More information on parking is available here.

Pedestrian Access

Fencing for Thurtene Carnival will obstruct the pedestrian thoroughfare along Olympian Way from Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 15. Pedestrians coming from the South 40 will be re-routed around the Simon Hall parking lot on these days. Anyone accustomed to accessing Sumers Rec via the sidewalk between Seigle Hall and Francis Field will instead navigate around Seigle Hall and the Tao Tennis Center. 

Click here for a map with suggested walking routes as well as parking convenient to Sumers Rec during Thurtene Carnival weekend.