Pilates Reformers Pilates Reformers

WashU Rec has five Balanced Body Allegro 2 Pilates reformers with tower systems. Members can take advantage of regularly-scheduled BearFit Pilates reformer classes or set up an appointment for personal or group training using the reformers. More information is below. 

BearFit Pilates Reformer Classes

Beginning May 20, WashU Rec will offer paid Pilates reformer classes twice weekly throughout the summer at the Sumers Recreation Center in Studio 1904. Cost of these classes is $10 per class, and class passes can be purchased in the online rec store. Space is limited to five participants per class and class spaces are first-come, first-served. 


Mondays — 5:00 p.m. w/ Amber
Fridays — 12:00 p.m. w/ Cindy

BearFit Pilates Reformer Training

Train one-on-one or in a group setting led by a certified BearFit instructor using the Pilates reformers. Purchase training sessions in the online rec store

60-Minute Personal Sessions

3 Sessions: $150
6 Sessions: $288
12 Sessions: $552
18 Sessions: $792

30-Minute Personal Sessions

6 Sessions: $144
12 Sessions: $276

60-Minute Group Sessions

6 Sessions: $144
12 Sessions: $276