Triathlon Club Triathlon Club

The WashU triathlon club is the home for endurance sports on campus. Whether you haven?t swam, ran, or biked in years or have already completed multiple Ironmen, we have a supportive community set on helping you achieve whatever you set as your own personal goals. The team is open to all undergrads, grads, faculty, and staff.

Founded in 2008, the team has since grown from a few people working out together to over 50 members who practice, goof off, and race in everything from triathlons to biathlons, Tough Mudders, half and full marathons and other road races across any given year.

The team has weekly practices across each discipline and supplementary events to help people gain additional experience as they prepare to race endurance events.

Highlights of each year include our assistance in the Tri My Best adaptive triathlon for children with cerebral palsy, fantastic road trips, our own indoor triathlon on campus and USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals.

The team competes in the Midwestern Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MWCTC) under the USA Triathlon (USAT) umbrella.

As popularity continues to grow for the sport, it is now being considered for NCAA recognition, but presently, club sports and USAT are the highest level of collegiate triathlon available. This means that we compete not only against traditional NCAA D3 schools, but also premier D1 athletic universities and military academies like Army and Navy.

The team has a full wardrobe of gear available for the use of its members ranging from road and time trial bikes to wetsuits, tri suits, goggles, and more.

Contact us through or one of our social accounts to find out more about one of the most fun and competitive clubs on campus!


Are triathlon and Ironman the same?
No, they are not. An Ironman is the longest distance and most intense of triathlons including a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mike bike ride, and 26.2 mile run. Your average triathlon is a sprint distance featuring a 500-750 meter swim, 20 km bike, and 5 km run. Collegiate athletes generally compete in the Olympic distance race (1500 m swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run). Keep in mind that if any of that sounds scary or easy, everyone comes to endurance sports from a different starting point and the team is here to support you!

I can't swim, how could I race?
Across all three disciplines, the team has members experienced in teaching people the basics of each sport and how they can go from floundering to flying through race day.

How do you balance training with work/studying/everything else?
People can commit to the team for any number of workouts they choose, but for our most diligent members, it just comes down to choices! For example, do I want to watch this episode of TV sitting at my desk or on a treadmill? Do I want to go ride with my awesome triathlon friends or check Facebook for an hour? Do I want to go swim and eat what I want afterwards or skip dessert most days? It?s also totally ok to just skip a workout when life gets crazy, we all understand. We?re all people, just people who tri harder than most. Looking forward to seeing you at a practice!